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New Homes; Failure to Design For Wind

During evaluation of two new homes (one for new owner; one for buyer) in New Jersey, design plans were reviewed. Each two-story single-family home is in a development containing 200 or so homes, built by the same major builder.

Design wind speed is over 100 mph for each house. The building code (IRC 2006 NJ) requires specific engineering design for wind resistance when design wind speed is 100 mph or greater.

In each set of plans, a standard detail is provided showing an exterior wall, with plywood sheathing. There are no other details that should have been provided if the house had been designed to resist wind force as required by the building code.

It is reasonable to conclude that each house was not properly designed to resist wind force.

Although further investigation is necessary, this lack of adequate design may extend to every house in each development.

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