Structural Support - Building Problem Solutions
Structural Design, Analysis & Investigation
We provide structural engineering services to a wide variety of clients, including building owners & buyers, architects, builders, civil  engineers, real estate firms and law firms.
Design of new foundations to support raised houses along New Jersey shore is proceeding. Call to discuss your project.
John F Mann, PE to be making presentation at seminar on June 18, 2013; "Building Codes in New Jersey". Code requirements for supporting raised houses in flood zones to be highlighted. See the following link for further information; 

We offer the following basic services:
  • Structural design for residential, commercial & industrial buildings as well as other structures, including bridges
  • Evaluation of building problems, including foundations
  • of structural elements and systems
  • Investigation of design and construction defects
Engineering services (requiring PE seal) currently provided for projects in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland & South Carolina.
However, basic questions from anyone can be answered. A new section ("Questions & Answers") includes brief answers to queries made by visitors.
Report discussing defective basement foundation walls in New Jersey is available; see Foundation Wall Design.
Recent Projects
  • Design of pile-supported foundation system to support house to be lifted above flood elevation; Sea Bright, NJ
  • Evaluation of due to Hurricane Sandy; 100+ houses and commerical buildings along NJ shore
  • Framing for large new house; Long Beach Island, NJ
  • Evaluation, partial collapse of roof deck at industrial facility; Berlin, NJ
  • Design of long steel header beam for removal of interior bearing wall at residence; Marlboro NJ
  • Design of ground-mount framing to support solar panels ; Morris County, NJ
  • Design of ground-mount framing for support of solar panels; Camden County, NJ
  • Analysis of roof framing to support solar panels on roof of high school, including long trusses; Ridgefield Park NJ
  • Develop final design requirements for curtain wall at Port Authority transit station; Harrison NJ
  • Analysis of roof framing to support solar panels on roof of warehouse buildings ; Englewood NJ and Wayne NJ
  • Repairs for collapsed foundation wall at retail stores, Pennington NJ
  • Evaluate roof framing of church for solar panels; Jamesburg NJ
  • Evaluate existing steel roof framing of 3-story office building, for installation of solar panels; Millburn NJ
  • Condition of reinforced concrete building used for fire & development of repair requirements; Brick NJ
  • of 5-story steel fire escape for school building; Asbury Park NJ
  • Structural design for new restaurant building; Jackson NJ
  • Solar panels - Evaluate existing roof framing of industrial building complex; Woodbridge NJ
  • Structural alterations of roof trusses for existing restaurant; Somers Point NJ
  • Bracing cracked block foundation walls; Beachwood NJ
  • Reinforce first floor framing to correct defects due to decay; Rumson NJ
  • Reinforce first floor girder to correct lack of adequate support; Lavallette NJ
  • Design reinforced concrete "horse pool"; Chesterfield NJ
  • Evaluate structural defects for ; Bluffton, SC
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Report about valley truss connection design in Sun City Hilton Head, Bluffton SC; Valley Truss Report
See the following CV for John F Mann, PE;
CVJFM May 2012 vpdf.pdf (PDF — 124 KB)
Please contact us to discuss your project requirements. Evaluation of various problems can sometimes be performed based on information provided via email and phone. Answers to relatively easy questions are often provided without charge.
Lighthouse at Sandy Hook, NJ (September 2008).
Built in 1764, this is the oldest operating lighthouse in the US.
photo by John F Mann, PE
For additional information; Sandy Hook Lighthouse
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Collapse of Foundation Wall (August 2011)
Photos below show effects due to total collapse of long segment of block foundation wall supporting commercial building in Pennington NJ. Height of soil backfill against the wall had already exceeded standard limits such that the wall was already cracked. Water from tropical storm Irene saturated backfill, providing additional pressure that resulted in total collapse into basement.
Sidewalk collapsed downward as foundation wall collapsed inward.
View from inside basement, looking towards collapsed segment of block foundation wall.
Remaining walls around basement were also cracked and pushed inward, due to excessive height of soil backfill pushing against these walls.
Photos below, showing construction of a segmental concrete bridge in New Jersey, are for general interest. Design was performed by others for NJDOT. The bridge is now completed and open for traffic in both directions.
First half of new segmental concrete bridge over inlet to Shrewsbury River from Sandy Hook Bay, between Highlands and Sea Bright, New Jersey.
View is from top of hill below north tower of Twin Lights in Highlands.
The northbound bridge has now been completed, alongside the southbound bridge.  
For history of Twin Lights; Twin Lights Highlands NJ
Looking north towards bridge under construction; August 2009.
Lower span is the former drawbridge which has since been removed.
Photos by John F Mann, PE
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